About Us

Blue Skys Bakery owner Wahkuna Baldwin started cooking three course meals in her mother's kitchen at the ripe old age of eleven. Her mom wanted her to be independent and thrifty by giving her the gift of food preparation. If not for this motherly foresight Wahkuna would not be able to feed herself or any of you. She attended Southeastern Academy; a culinary training school in her native state of Florida in 1999, that's when she fell in love with Culinary Arts. She interned in Philadelphia at the Jamaican Jerk Hut that same year and went on to graduate from Temple University Fox School of Business with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Administration in 2003 while catering parties, birthday celebrations and get togethers for friends.

Blue Skys started in 2002 as a fictional business project for an entrepreneurship class Wahkuna was taking at the time. The company name comes from the fact that she really was a dreamer and everyone always told her to get her head out of the clouds.

With just one product, a "No Sugar Added" Apple Pie and a true passion for food; her dream was sculpted into reality. Originally she had a dessert bar concept of serving decadent sweets with a line of Health Boosting Specialty Teas for the health conscience consumer.  To Wahkuna there are no such things as invisible ceilings and the sky is truley the limit. Therefore she would stop at nothing to bring her culinary vision to light.

From a class project; what began as a Personal Chef service with delectable desserts; now serves customers all around the United States. Blue Skys Bakery's Personal Chef Services are for individuals or families seeking new menu options and for people who want to develop healthier eating habits while promoting weight loss with great tasting food. In the future Blue Skys Bakery plans to span the United States with an umbrella of full scale eateries displaying Southern/Caribbean flavors, around the world cuisine and dessert bars specializing in "No Sugar Added" Apple Pies along with herbal teas for all to enjoy.

Blue Skys Bakery believes that your satisfaction should be guaranteed and we will try our best to make all your tasty wishes come true. 

Contact us at blueskysbakery@gmail.com

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