Cake Balls/Pops

CAKE BALLS/POPS: Crumbled cake that has been hand rolled into truffle sized pieces then dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles, colored sugar and chocolate swirls.

CLASSIC CAKE FLAORS: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon and Strawberry

SPECIALTY CAKE FLAVORS: Rainbow Chip, Cookies & Cream and French Vanilla

6 inch Cakes or Dozen Cupcakes

CAKE FLAVORS: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut Dream, Red Velvet, Strawberry and Lemon    

BUTTERCREAM FLAVORS: Vanilla, Coconutand Cream Cheese

Dessert Table Treats

CHOCOLATE FLAVORS: Milk and White chocolate are drizzled over chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows, rice crispy bars, pretzels rods or solid chocolate lollipops

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